The most flexible data storage open source !

Long-time accumulated data make the system suspended so select Mantan open source in case your website is slow

Download Mantan 1.7

Why this source is chosen ?

Set up easily

Have a professional website only with one installtion step.

Flexible variation

If you are a programmer, Mantan is the best system that allows you to interact with its entire system's data with flexible structure of NoSQL.

Good security

You will be assured when using Mantan because its data and system as well are the latest technology. Do not have to delete the installation file as other sources.

Slight data

With Mantan you can remove excess data without affecting the system. Variation storage structure does not depend on other objects.

Quick query

NoSQL technology pushes query speed to 160 times higher compared to the old system.

Full document

Mantan's instruction documents store is always full with detailed explanation of all your questions, that helps programmers easily develop the systems.

Supported languages